WIX Website Hosting

Hello dear reader this tutorial is design to provide some basic information about WIX Website Hosting which offers you the premium hosting along with the best free hosting option to host your websites and web applications. The Emphasis of this tutorial is to provide the complete guide and services provided in this free hosting service with simple explanation.

What is WIX Free Website Hosting?

Wix is a hosting service provider that offers you free web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and diskspace. Since Wix provides you the best free web hosting services, so there is neither any hidden charges nor they ask your credit card detail while opting for the free web hosting plan. Although they offer you the fast, scalable and reliable website to register your online presence at no cost at all.

Wix Free Web Hosting Services

WIX’s, Free Web Hosting includes the following services.

  • Your free web hosting service is initiated automatically once you finished your sign up process. No installation is required, further.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% up time ensures, that your website remain up and running.
  • Wix’s advanced security monitoring feature ensures the data security as per the international standard.
  • Website runs on multiple servers based on content delivery network (CDN) to guaranteed that your website loads faster.
  • Cloud storage of 500MB with 500 MB of bandwidth.
  • The HTTPS and SSL protection ensure that your website remain safe and secure for 24/7.

Creating Your Dynamic Website with Wix

Wix Free Website Hosting / Free Web Hosting services also offers you the easy interactive tools to create your website. No matter whether you are a beginner or Pro, you can easily create your stunning website with such free tool. Wix offers you more than 500 readymade templates to create your amazing website or you can start creating your website with a blank template. Wix also offers you the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and Velo tools to create a personized and custom websites / applications respectively.


This WIX Web Hosting / WIX Free Web Hosting tutorial is designed to helps the users who are looking for the best Free Web Hosting service with unlimited bandwidth, diskspace, wordpress, cPanel, and high up time. Hope, this information will be extremely useful to you. The language of the tutorial is kept simple and easy to understand.


This tutorial demands to have the basic knowledge of the internet, domain names, IP Address, servers, wordpress, Web Hosting and other services related to the web hosting. So you can easily acquire a better understanding of the topic.

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