Toppers Notes on Vectors

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Table of Content

  • Definition of vectors.
  • Representation and notation of vectors.
  • Modulus or magnitude of a vector.
  • Multiplication of a vector by a scalar.
  • Equal vectors, Unit vectors, Null or zero vectors.
  • Collinear or parallel vectors.
  • Like and unlike vectors.
  • The angle between the two vectors.
  • Addition and properties of the addition of vectors.
  • The position vector of a point.
  • Component of a vector in three dimensions.
  • Section formula of vectors.
  • Linearly dependent and independent of the vectors.
  • Collinearity of three points.
  • Test of collinearity.
  • Coplanarity of four points.
  • Test of coplanarity.
  • Scalar product and properties of the scalar product.
  • Cross product or vector product and properties of the cross product.
  • Scalar triple product and properties of the scalar triple product.
  • Vector triple product and properties of the vector triple product.
  • Reciprocal system of vectors and properties of the Reciprocal System of vectors.
  • Application of the vectors in coordinate geometry.