SSB Interview The Complete Guide

All relevant topics are explained in the book “SSB Interview The Complete Guide N K Natarajan Book” in a simple to know manner. This book also provides some useful tips wherever required. For the primary time SSB participants, this may provide a good idea about what to expect. For people that are already conversant in SSB, this may provide info on where they went wrong. Highly recommended.

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About The Book (SSB Interview The Complete Guide)

  • Author: Dr. N.K. Natarajan.
  • Publication: Jaico Publishing House.
  • Edition: First edition (2014).
  • Customer Review: 4.3/5.
  • #1 in Navy Examination.
  • #1 in Army Examination.
  • #1 in Air Force Examination.

Some Important Rules to Follow for SSB Interview

  1. Be appropriate during your interview.
  2. You have to be smart, Look smart, be cheerful, and remain enthusiastic.
  3. Remain calm and happy.
  4. Respond politely to the welcome remark of the Interview officer.
  5. Be audible to everyone but with reasonable sound (don’t be loud).
  6. You must show interest to respond to every question.
  7. Your gesture and posture must be normal sit straight and do not keep moving your hands and legs.
  8. Acknowledge the questions that are being asked nodding your head with calm.
  9. Maintain eye contact but do not stare throughout the interview period.
  10. In case you do not understand the question or anything during the conversation. Do not hesitate to ask them to repeat the remark or question in a polite manner.
  11. You must be clear about every information written in your biodata.
  12. In case you fail to recollect the questions being asked, then answer only the questions that you remember, further ask them to clarify the remaining one politely.
  13. Prepare well for current affairs, and updated general knowledge for the interview.
  14. Be prepared to discuss your hobby, participation in sports activities too.
  15. While you are in the waiting room for the interview do not be restless.
  16. Keep updating yourself in the candidate’s waiting room by reading newspapers or TV news and events.
  17. You must listen and understand the question thoroughly before answering them.
  18. Be honest and authentic while replying to the questions asked relating to personal background.
  19. Do not answer the question as to the candidates before you have answered the interviewer. Their answers might have a different perspective as you do.

FAQ (SSB Interview The Complete Guide )

Q: What information does this provide about SSB?
A: This book (SSB interview the complete guide by N K Natarajan) Simplifies all the steps: Screening Test, Psychological Test, Group Testing, Group discussion, Interview. This book also provides Conference Procedure with some dynamic topics too. it explains Service-Related Information, Geo-Politics, National Issues In this new and updated edition.

Q: Weather this book easy or difficult to understand?
A: the author of the book (SSB Interview The Complete Guide) guides the candidates through the various stages of the SSB. He lists out the different phases of the tests in exact sequential order that are conducted. All the hard work done from the author’s side is based on his vast experience in this field.

Q: What is new in this edition of the book?
A: The content in the new edition is divided into two parts and nine sections.

Q: What are the Important content of the book, what does it explain about SSB?
A: This book explains everything in easy to understand manner. It comprises Illustrations of verbal, non-verbal, picture perception, and discussion tests followed by psychological tests, group testing, interview techniques, and conference procedure. The second part of the book covers geopolitics, and national issues, and services related information.

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