Toppers Notes on Sequence & Series

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Table of Content

  • Definition of Sequence & Series.
  • Progression.
  • Arithmetic progression.
  • The nth term of an arithmetic progression.
  • Sum of n terms of an arithmetic progression.
  • Properties of an arithmetic progression.
  • Single and n arithmetic mean.
  • Inserting one/n arithmetic means between two numbers.
  • Geometric Progression.
  • the nth term of a GP.
  • Sum of n terms of a GP.
  • Sum of infinite terms of a GP.
  • Properties of a GP.
  • Single and n geometric mean.
  • Inserting one/n geometric means between two numbers.
  • Harmonic progression.
  • the nth term of an HP.
  • Single and n harmonic mean.
  • Inserting one/n harmonic means between two numbers.
  • The relation between AM, GM, and HM.
  • Some special sequences.
  • The general rule of finding the value of a recurring decimal.
  • Arithmetic-Geometric Progression.
  • Recurring relation.
  • Method of difference.
  • Lagrange’s identity.