5 Best Free SEO Audit Tools

To be very honest, regardless of how expert you are in Search Engine Optimization, using the SEO audit tools has become obligatory, even for an expert like you.

Since Google is the leading search engine around the world and nearly 4 Billions people uses it for any query. As a content creator, blogger, or a business owner, You probably have noticed that Google changes its algorithm quite frequently (around 3000 times a year) that creates more challenges for content creator, blogger, or a business owner like you. At the same time the Google’s algorithm becomes more critical and complicated because of its more than 200 factors in the ranking system. So the keyword is not the only important factor anymore, to be ranked in Google’s search results.

In this SEO Guide, we will be introducing the top 5 best free SEO audit tools, which in turn will guide you to improve the SEO of your website / webpage to drive more organic traffic than usual. Few of them may offer you the free trail period only. Still, not a bad deal to use their trail version, if requirement arises you can switch to their premium version too in a nominal cost. So without wasting any time let’s dive into our 5 Best Free SEO Audit Tools.

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The Best Free SEO Audit Tool #1: Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool is a free SEO audit tool. It is developed primarily to review the schema markup (type of structured data that gives the detail information about your website / webpage) of your website / webpage. When you run this tool, this tool scans the structured data or code of your webpage / website and lists all the possible errors that may cause some sort of difficulty to the google crawlers to crawl and index your webpage / website.

Other Features

  • Displays the exact number of schema on your webpage.
  • Provides a precise preview of structured data.
  • Gives a detailed reason of schema error.

The Best Free SEO Audit Tool #2: Google Search Console

Google Search Console (Previously known as the Google Webmaster Tool) is other free SEO audit tool. It gives the entire search metric of all URLs / webpages of your website. Using “time period filter” you can preview and identify all possible SEO issues of any URL from more than 16 months old data. A quick scan of any URL can give you the detail insight of it’s structured data, page experience, core web vitals, mobile usability, broken links, content quality, etc.

Other Features

  • Provides all crawlers statistics directly from the Google crawlers.
  • Maintain a list of all webpages that have been indexed by Google.
  • Generates a detail audit report along with device usability.
  • Index all coverage issues with error and warning.
  • Lists all failed attempts of indexing, 404, 500 errors, etc.
  • Sends the email alerts regarding monthly search report and issues on your site.
  • Provides info of total clicks and impressions for each URL, which can be use to drive more traffic.

The Best Free SEO Audit Tool #3: PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights yet another free SEO audit tool by Google, powered by Lighthouse. It is designed to test, analyze, and give a performance score to a URL based on various parameters for both desktop and mobile devices separately. It identifies all possible issues and put them into three separate categories: Passed audits (a parameter to identify the pages with good performance), diagnostics (provides the insight of URLs adhere to web development), and opportunity (lists the issues those need to be improved to perform well).

Other Features

  • Tests, generate report, and give suggestions to load the designated webpage faster on the basis of various paraments like: first contentful paint, time to interactive, speed index, total blocking time, largest contentful paint, and cumulative layout shift.
  • Documents the performance of a URL separately for both desktop and mobile devices.

The Best Free SEO Audit Tool #4: Wordcounter

Wordcounter, yet another free SEO audit tool. It proves to be more handy when it comes to access the wordcount and keywords density (1x – 1 word keyword, 2x – 2 words keyword, 3x – 3 words keyword) of your webpage. In order to analyze a webpage you just need to input the webpage URL, the Wordcounter Free SEO Audit Tool will automatically generate all related information such as: total words, sentences, paragraphs, most common words, keywords density, etc.

Using this free SEO audit tool you can easily identify the best pages to be ranked, and further optimize them to improve the quality of the article or content.

Other Features

  • Counts the number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs, precisely.
  • Documents the reading level, reading time, speaking time, most common words, keyword density of the webpage.

The Best Free SEO Audit Tool #5: Highervisibility

Next Best Free SEO Audit Tool is Highrvisibility (formerly known as SERPsim). It is a SERP snippet Optimization tool. It thoroughly analyses the Title, URL, and Meta Description of your webpage in pixels, as per Google’s defined pixel length limit. It further shows a snippet, how the Title, URL, and Meta Description of your webpage will look like in Google search results. Once the test completes it allows you to save and share the copy of that snippet.

Other Features

  • Allows you to copy and save the snippet to the clipboard (you can share with anyone you want) and as an image, respectively.
  • Analyzes the Title, URL, and Meta Description of your webpage in pixels, which help you to modify them accordingly, so that your webpage could rank higher in Google search results.

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