Toppers Notes on The Quadratic Equation

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Table of Content

  • Definition of Quadratic equation.
  • The discriminant of the quadratic equation.
  • Roots of a quadratic equation.
  • The nature of the roots of the quadratic equation.
  • Graph of the quadratic expression.
  • Greatest and the least value of a quadratic expression.
  • Sign of the quadratic expression.
  • Position of roots of a quadratic equation.
  • Conditions for a quadratic equation have a repeated root.
  • Condition for the two quadratic equations has a common root.
  • Condition for a quadratic equation has both roots in common.
  • Higher degree equations.
  • Cubic equation.
  • Biquadratic equations.
  • Transformations of equations.
  • Descartes rules of the sign for the roots of a polynomial.
  • Results on the roots of an equation.
  • The condition that a general equation of the two-degree equation can be resolved into two linear factors.
  • Rational algebraic expressions.
  • Wavy curve method to solve an inequality.
  • Equations that can be reduced into a quadratic equation.
  • Using continuity and differentiability to find the roots of an equation.