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Python Download & Installation

In this tutorial the complete process of downloading & installation of Python in Windows Operating System will be discussed.

Python Download

In order to download the python you just have to type the keyword Python Download on Google search engine or you can simply type the following URL in the search bar When you do so the following window will be shown on your screen.

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When you click on the official link of python download as shown in the above image or simply when you click on the sentence Download the latest version of Python – you will redirect to the new window. The new window that appears on your screen now will look like.

python download 2

Now as you click on the button Download Python 3.9.7 given just below the phrase Download the latest version for Windows. The downloading of the latest version of the Python will start downloading on your PC or Laptop or System.

Python Installation Step 1

Now as you click on the Python setup that you have downloaded the following pop up window will be shown. Now click on the option of your choice “Install Now” or “Customize Installation”. As you click on the option of your choice the installation process will automatically start.

python download 3

Python Installation Step 2

After completing the Python Installation Step 1 successfully the new pop up window will appear. This pop up window will show the progress bar of the installation of the Python setup in your machine.

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Python Installation Step 3

After successful completion of the Python Installation Step 2 the following pop up window will appear. Click on close to complete the installation process or you can simply disable the path length limit by clicking on the option available if required.

python download 5

Python is Running

Since you have completed all the essential steps to download & install the latest version of Python. Now just open the Windows PowerShell in Windows 10 or Command Prompt in earlier version and type python. Now the information related to the Python which is installed in your machine will be shown. Which means you have download and install the latest version of Python on your machine.

python download 6


This Python tutorial is designed to help the beginners as well as the professional developers. For better understanding the language of the tutorial is kept simple and easy to understand.


This tutorial demands to have the basic knowledge of the programming languages such as c or c++ for the better understanding of the Python programming. The other basic requirement to learn Python through this tutorial is the basic knowledge of computer and information technology so you can easily acquire a better understanding Python programming.

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