Toppers Notes on Properties of Triangles, Solutions of Triangles

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Table of Content

  • Sine Rule.
  • Cosine rule.
  • Projection formulae.
  • Apollonius theorem.
  • Angles between medians and the side of the triangles.
  • The m-n rule.
  • Napier’s analogy.
  • Mollweide’s formula.
  • Area of the triangle.
  • Half angle formulae.
  • Ambiguity or Ambiguous cases.
  • Circumradius.
  • Inradius.
  • Exradii.
  • Distance between circumcentre and orthocentre.
  • Distance between circumcentre and incentre.
  • Distance between circumcentre and excentre.
  • The distance of the incentre from the vertices of the triangle.
  • Pedal triangle.
  • Sides and angles of the pedal triangle.
  • Area, circumradius, and inradius of the pedal triangle.
  • Ex-central triangle.
  • Area and the circumradius of the Ex-central triangle.
  • Cyclic quadrilateral.
  • Circumradius of the Cyclic quadrilateral.
  • Regular polygon.
  • Some important formulae.