Toppers Notes on Probability

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Table of Content

  • Experiment and random experiment.
  • Sample space.
  • Events, Simple events, Mixed event, Equally likely events.
  • Exhaustive events, Mutually exclusive events, Independent events.
  • The complement of an event.
  • Mutually exclusive and exhaustive events.
  • Probability of occurrence of an event.
  • Odds in favor and odds against an event.
  • Some important rules on probability.
  • Conditional probability.
  • Multiplication theorems on probability.
  • Probability of at least one of the ‘n’ independent events.
  • Law’s of total probability.
  • Baye’s Rule.
  • Random variable, Discrete random variable, Continuous random variable.
  • Geometrical method of probability.
  • Probability distribution.
  • Bernoulli Trials.
  • Binomial probability distribution.
  • Mean and variance of the binomial distribution.
  • Poission distribution.
  • Normal distribution.
  • Facts of normal distribution.