Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Arihant Publication Books Introduction

Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney is one of the best IIT jee preparation books. It also helps students to crack some more competitive examinations like IIT Jee Main, IIT Jee Advanced, Mathematics Olympiads, and many more.

Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Book: Author

Name S.L. Loney.
Born: March 16, 1860, England(Chevithorne,Devon).
Died: May 16, 1939.
Occupation: Professor, Author.
Organization: Royal Holloway College.

Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Book Contents

  1. Measurement of angles.
  2. Trigonometrical ratios for angles less than a right angle.
  3. Simple problems in Heights and Distances.
  4. Applications of algebraic signs to trigonometry.
  5. Trigonometrical ratios of angles of any size.
  6. General expressions for all angles.
  7. Trigonometrical ratios for the sum and difference of two angles product formulae.
  8. Trigonometrical ratios of multiple and submultiple of angles.
  9. Identities and Trigonometrical equations.
  10. Logarithms.
  11. Tables of logarithms.
  12. The principle of proportional parts.
  13. The relation between the sides and trigonometrical ratios of the angles of a triangle.
  14. The solution of the triangle given two sides and included angles ambiguous case.
  15. Heights and Distances.
  16. Properties of the triangle.
  17. Orthocentre and Pedal triangle.
  18. Centroid and Medians.
  19. Quadrilaterals regular polygons.
  20. Trigonometrical ratios of small angles.
  21. Inverse circular functions.
  22. Summation of some simple trigonometrical series.
  23. Elimination.
  24. Projections
  25. Miscellaneous Examples.
  26. Answers.
  27. Five figure Logarithmic and Trigonometric Tables.

Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Book Good for Jee Advanced?

Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney Arihant Publication Books is a great book. This book has stood the time of the test. In the first place, it wasn’t specifically recommended for the preparation of one of the toughest exams worldwide called Jee Main or Jee Advanced. It contains a lot of trigonometrical theories. These valuable explanation doesn’t come under the premise of IIT-JEE syllabus. At the same time, it doesn’t comprise of as many questions as you may want to try and practice. So as to polish your preparation you can look for some more books too if you are aiming anything between 100-200 AIR in Jee Advanced.
Bottom line is that you can’t really rely solely on Plain Trigonometry by S L Loney Arihant Publication Books for JEE Advanced preparation. But surely keep it handy as a reference or some advanced stuff. Stuff that you might need if you ever wish to try your luck in Mathematical Olympiads.
You can also take the help of a Co-ordinate Geometry book by SL Loney. This is much more suited to JEE as compared to Trigonometry.


Q: What kind of questions does this (Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Arihant Publication Books) contain, objective or subjective type questions or it comprises both types of questions?
A: It has a Subjective type of question. Since it is a textbook still it is very important to book. With this book, one can imagine participating in the exams like IIT Jee.

Q: does this book (Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Arihant Publication Books) contain the solution to the questions it has?
A: No, The problems are original. Students would love to attempt the questions of the book.

Q: Does this book contain chapter wise questions?
A: yes all the questions are well-formed packed within a chapter-wise manner.

Q: Does this book good for IIT Entrance Examination?
A: Yes, the book Plane Trigonometry By SL Loney Arihant publication has a variety of questions. Questions with varied difficulty levels. Most of the readers along with top faculties for IIT Jee Main, Jee Advanced suggest this book for Jee.

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