JEE Mock Tests For Math

Mathematics Mock Test – 1 (Math Quiz) on Definite Integration

General Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully

  • The total duration of this mock test – 1 on Definite Integration is 75 minutes.
  • The timer for this mock test (Math Quiz) is set by the server which will be displayed at the top of the question frame as well as on the address bar of your browser. The timer will display the duration of your test in a countdown manner in a backward direction. As the timer approaches to zero your test will be finished (Automatically Submitted) by itself. At that point in time, you are not required to “Finish” or “Submit” that test.
  • Below you will get the “Start” button. As you click on the “Start” button your mock test on definite integration will be automatically started.

Navigation To The Questions

On the question frame you will get a question, four options for the questions, and few buttons to navigate your definite integration mock test (math quiz). these buttons help you to navigate from one question to another question. So here is the list and characteristic of these navigation buttons.

  • Clear: It clears the selected option.
  • Prev: It navigates to the previous question.
  • Finish: It finishes the test as soon as you click on it. If you click on it then a message will be appeared to confirm whether you want to finish the test or not.
  • Next: It navigates to the next question.
  • See Result: It will appear at the window of the last question. Click on this button to view your result. As you click on this button your test will be submitted and your result will be displayed on your screen.

Answering The Questions

Click on the corresponding radio button (?) of your choice of the option. If you want to change your selected option, then click on the “Clear” button it will erase automatically your selected option. Now you can select other options as you like.

About the Mock Test (Math Quiz):

Topic: Definite Integration.
Questions Type: Multiple-Choice Single Correct.
No. Of Questions: 15 Questions.
Duration of The Test: 75 Minutes.
Marking scheme: +1 for the correct response, -0 for incorrect responses, and 0 for no response.
Result Declaration: On the last question page just click on the “See Result” button. It will display your result on your screen.

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