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JavaScript Operators

In a programming language operators are nothing but constructs, they are defined within the programming language which generally behaves as a function but they are entirely differs syntactically or semantically from the function. Like any other programming language, JavaScript also supports operators like:

  • Arithmetic Operators.
  • Assignment Operator.
  • Comparison Operators.
  • Logical Operators.
  • Conditional (Ternary) Operators.

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

JavaScript arithmetic operators are used to perform some fundamental arithmetic operations. It includes the operators like: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (), exponentiation (*), division (/), modulus or remainder (%), increment (++), and decrement (–). Increment and decrement operators are also called the unary operators, since they operates on one operand only. Whereas the other arithmetic operators are the binary operators (require two operands to perform any manipulation).

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JavaScript Assignment Operator

JavaScript assignment operators are generally used to assign the values to a variable. It includes the operators like {=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, <<=, >>=, >>>=, &=, ^=, |=, **=}.

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JavaScript Comparison Operators

JavaScript Comparison Operators are used to manipulate the logical statement, in order to determine whether these statements are equal or not. On the basis of that manipulation the comparison operators returns two types of truth values; true or false. It includes the operators like {==, ===, !=, !==, >, <, >=, <=}.

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JavaScript Logical Operators

JavaScript Logical Operators are used to perform some logical operations. The fundamental logical operators in JavaScript are logical AND (&&), logical OR (||), and logical NOT (!).

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JavaScript Conditional Operators

JavaScript conditional operator (?) is the only operator in JavaScript programming that requires three operands to perform any action. Because of such quality the conditional operators are also known as a ternary operators. The basic Syntax of the JavaScript conditional operator is as:

conditional statement conditional operator expression 1 : expression 2

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This JavaScript tutorial is designed to help the beginners as well as the professional developers. For better understanding the language of the tutorial is kept simple and easy to understand.


This tutorial demands to have the basic knowledge of the programming languages such as c or c++, HTML for the better understanding of the JavaScript programming language. The other basic requirement to learn JavaScript through this tutorial is the basic knowledge of computer and information technology so you can easily acquire a better understanding JavaScript programming.

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