Learn JavaScript

JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries

It is nearly impossible to write all Frameworks and Libraries available in JavaScript programming in single document. Since, the universe of JavaScript’s Frameworks and Libraries is too large to compile within a single document and everyday something new is kept happening in it. Still, here we are giving a collection of few frequently used JavaScript Frameworks and libraries.

  • jQuery
  • Angular JS
  • Aurelia JS
  • Meteor JS
  • Mithril JS
  • React JS
  • Vue JS
  • Polymer JS
  • Ext.js
  • Node.js

JavaScript Hello World

In order to give you a feel of JavaScript programming, here we will be writing a basic JavaScript hello world program.

JavaScript Hello World Using document.write() Method

Source Code

document.write('Hello world');

Hello world

JavaScript Hello World Using console.log() Method

Source Code

console.log('Hello world');

Hello world

JavaScript Hello World Using alert() Method

Source Code

alert("Hello world");

Hello world


This JavaScript tutorial is designed to help the beginners as well as the professional developers. For better understanding the language of the tutorial is kept simple and easy to understand.


This tutorial demands to have the basic knowledge of the programming languages such as c or c++ for the better understanding of the JavaScript programming language. The other basic requirement to learn JavaScript through this tutorial is the basic knowledge of computer and information technology so you can easily acquire a better understanding JavaScript programming.

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