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JavaScript Arithmetic

JavaScript arithmetic operators are used to perform some fundamental arithmetic operations. It includes the operators like: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), exponentiation (**), division (/), modulus or remainder (%), increment (++), and decrement (–). Increment and decrement operators are also called the unary operators, since they operates on one operand only. Whereas the other arithmetic operators are the binary operators (require two operands to perform any manipulation).

In order to understand the working of an Arithmetic Operator let us assume, there are two variable a and b with initial values 2 and 6 respectively, then:

Arithmetic OperatorsDescription and Examples
Addition (+)It adds two operands.
Example: a + b produces the value 8.
Subtraction (-)It subtract the value of the second operand from the value of the first operand.
Example: a – b produces a value -4.
Multiplication (*)It multiply the values of both operands.
Example: a*b produces the value 12.
Division (/)It divides the numerator by denominator.
Example: b/a produces the value 3.
Modulus (%)It return the remainder in an integer division.
Example: b%a produces the value 0.
Increment (++)It increases the integer value of an operand by 1.
Example: a++ will give 3.
Decrement (–)It reduces the integer value of an operand by 1.
Example: a– will give 1.

Note: Addition arithmetic operator is used to add two numbers, while it is used to concatenate two strings.

Example on Arithmetic Operators

<h2> JavaScript Program / Code on Arithematic Operators</h2>
var a = 2, b = 6;
var add, sub, mul, div, mod, inc, dec;
add = a + b;
sub = a - b;
mul = a * b;
div = b/a;
mod = b%a;
inc = a++;
dec = b--;
document.write("Addition of " + a +' and ' + b +" is = " + add + "<br />");
document.write("Subtraction of " + a +' and ' + b +" is = " + sub + "<br />");
document.write("Multiplication of " + a +' and ' + b +" is = " + mul + "<br />");
document.write("Division of " + a +' and ' + b +" is = " + div + "<br />");
document.write("Modulus of " + a +' and ' + b +" is = " + mod + "<br />");


JavaScript Program / Code on Arithmetic Operators

Addition of 2 and 6 is = 8
Subtraction of 2 and 6 is = -4
Multiplication of 2 and 6 is = 12
Division of 2 and 6 is = 3
Modulus of 2 and 6 is = 0

Example on JavaScript Increment Operator

<h2>JavaScript Program / Code on Increment Operator</h2>
<p id="jio"></p>
var a = 2;
var c = a;
document.getElementById("jio").innerHTML = c;


JavaScript Program / Code on Increment Operator


Example on JavaScript Decrement Operator

<h2>JavaScript Program / Code on Decrement Operator</h2>
<p id="jdo"></p>
var b = 5;
var c = b;
document.getElementById("jdo").innerHTML = c;


JavaScript Program / Code on Decrement Operator



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