Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book (Arihant Publication Book) Introduction

Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight book is one of the best IIT jee preparation books. It is an Arihant Publication book. Hall and Knight book pdf are also available on the internet. It also helps students to crack some more competitive examinations. Students can take help to prepare for IIT Jee Main, IIT Jee Advanced, Mathematics Olympiads, and many more.

About Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book

Name HS Hall.
Born: June 8, 1848 State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Died: May 3, 1934, Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom.
Publication: Arihant Publication Book.

Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book Content

  1. Definition, Substitution.
  2. Negative Quantities.
  3. Simple Brackets.
  4. Subtraction.
  5. Multiplication.
  6. Division.
  7. Removal and Insertion of Brackets.
  8. Sunoke Eqyatuibs.
  9. Symbolical Expressions.
  10. Problems leading to simple equations.
  11. HCF, LCM of simple expressions.
  12. Elementary fractions.
  13. Simultaneous equations.
  14. Problems leading to simultaneous equations.
  15. Involution.
  16. Evolution.
  17. Resolution into factors.
  18. HCF.
  19. Fractions.
  20. LCM.
  21. Addition and subtraction of fractions.
  22. Miscellaneous fractions.
  23. Harder equations.
  24. Harder problems.
  25. Quadratic equations.
  26. Simultaneous quadratic equations.
  27. Problems leading to quadratic equations.
  28. Harder factors.
  29. Miscellaneous theorems.
  30. The theory of indices.
  31. Elementary surds.
  32. Ratio, proportion, and variation.
  33. Arithmetic Progression.
  34. Geometric Progression.
  35. Harmonic Progression.
  36. Theory of QE.
  37. Permutations and Combinations.
  38. Binomial Theorem.
  39. Logarithms.
  40. Scales of notations.
  41. Exponential and logarithmic series.
  42. Miscellaneous equations.
  43. Interest and Annuities.
  44. Graphical representation of functions.

Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book Good For Jee Advanced?

If you are targeting for 150–200 rank in Jee advanced entrance exam. Then Hall and Knight Book (Arihant Publication Book) is just an introductory book. Once your concepts are clear, then the problems seem very simple and easy. But one advantage of this book is that it covers most of the chapters of algebra. Although polynomials are a bit under-represented.
The topics are explored very superficially. If your interest is in algebra then the book will appear to be more interesting. But, if only jee is your target, then it will serve your this purpose too. Then I would suggest you try out some mathematical olympiad books ( if you are genuinely interested in practice more on algebra).
For further preparation for mathematics olympiads, you can use it as a preparatory book. For advanced practice for olympiads, you can go for “An excursion in Mathematics by Modak”, or “Mathematical circles by Dmitri Fomin”. Though they cover a few topics they are very important for a strong grasp in mathematics.

Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book Good for Jee Main?

If You are aiming to qualify to jee main and after that want to have a moderate rank in Jee advanced. Then it is better that you first go through RD Sharma, ML Aggarwal, or any other book which is highly dedicated to Jee Main only. After that, you can start studying Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight (Arihant Publication Book). You must also implement one condition that you have to finish this book along with supporting material before class 11th exam. It will give you a lovely flavor of Jee’s main.

FAQ (Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book)

Q: What kind of questions does this book (Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Book, Arihant Publication Book) contain, objective or subjective type questions or it comprises both types of questions?
A: It has a Subjective type of question. Since it is a textbook still it is very important to book. With this book, one can imagine participating in the exams like IIT Jee.

Q: does this book contain the solution to the questions it has?
A: No, The problems are original. Students would love to attempt the questions of the book.

Q: Does this book contain chapter wise questions?
A: yes all the questions are well-formed packed within a chapter-wise manner.

Q: Does this book good for IIT Entrance Examination?
A: Yes, the book Elementary Algebra Hall and Knight Arihant publication Book have a variety of questions with varied difficulty levels thus most of the readers along with top faculties for IIT Jee Main, Jee Advanced suggest this book for Jee.

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