7 Incredible Chrome Extensions You wish, You discovered earlier

Web extensions allows you to customize your web browsing experience to use it personally or use as a blogger, and as a creator. They ad some additional functionality in your search results, which in turn you can use to improve the SEO of your article as a blogger and drive more traffic than usual.

In this article we will provide the basic information with additional features of such 7 Incredible Chrome Extensions, these extensions are also compatible with Mozilla and your android device. Knowing them you will certainly wish, You could discover them earlier. So without making any delay start up with the first one.


ColorZilla Chrome extension helps the web developers, graphic designers, and even bloggers who have color related tasks. It works in both; Chrome and Mozilla. It includes some important tools like: color picker, eyedropper, gradient generator, and many other basic and advanced additional tools which help you to manipulate colors as per your need. With ColorZilla you have liberty to analyze the webpage and inspect the color palette. It also supports some other basic and advanced features, those are listed below:

  • Eyedropper: Using eyedropper you can get the color of any pixel of any webpage you want. It is similar to color picker tool that comes with Photoshop and Paint Shop pro.
  • The ultimate CSS gradient generator, Palette viewer.
  • Color history of colors, those are picked earlier.
  • Displays the information of elements like, tags, class, size, id, etc.
  • It allows you to manipulate and auto copy the generated or sampled colors as RGB or HSV components, and you can also outline the elements under the cursor.
  • Keyboard shortcuts, single click color picking, picking colors from flash object.


GoFullPage chrome extension allows you to capture the screenshot of the current webpage, without requesting for any extra permission. It is the easiest way to take the screenshot of any webpage. In order to take the screenshot you can either click on the GoFullPage Chrome extension or press Alt+Shift+p. The screenshot be transported to a new tab of your browser, from where you can download it as a PDF or image or simply drag to your desktop. It also offers some other updated features, those are listed below:

  • No ads and no additional permission.
  • It supports the inner scrollable elements and embedded i-frames.
  • Save your screenshot as JPEG, PNG, PDFs (with various sizes).
  • You can crop, annotate, and add your favorite emojis to the screenshot using premium editor function.


SEOquake chrome extension is absolutely free to use. It provides the SEO matrices with other SEO tools like, SEO audit and many more. It also supports some other features, those are used to improve the search engine optimization SEO of your article or blog and are listed below:

  • It gives the detail SERP analysis, that you can export in CSV format.
  • Set the important search parameters for any query and estimate the keyword difficulty.
  • Runs a through SEO audit of any webpage and also checks the social media statistics.
  • Determine the keyword density and configure the stop word list of a webpage.
  • Compares URLs / Domains and get the detail report of internal / external links of a webpage.

WMS Everywhere

WhatMySerp Everywhere or WMS Everywhere chrome extension is one of the tools that helps you to uncover the SERP like search volume, advertising cost per click, related keywords, etc., in the Google search results of a query. It is also a kind of freemium chrome extension, which is available in both free and premium versions. Other important features of WMS Everywhere are listed as:

  • Copy and download the CSV file of target keywords.
  • View or download the volume search data at different levels as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • View the top ranking keywords of any webpage or website appears in the top page of Google search result, along with the estimated monthly traffic.


Speechify chrome extension is a mobile and desktop extension that is used to read out any text using an advanced text to speech AI bot. It is the #1 in the app store for magazines and newspapers. It produces the voice quality which as as good as a human voice. It performs the optical character recognition that allows the user to scan the text document or a book which he / she can listen instantly as an audiobook. It also comes with some other amazing features, those are listed below:

  • Speechify supports AI voices with which you can speed the read out loud up to 9 times faster than an average reading speed.
  • you can synchronize the speechify library across any device, that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere chrome extension lets you to find the keywords, related keywords, long tail keywords, CPC and other competition data of a search query. Earlier it was absolutely free but currently it available in both free and paid versions. It uses Google trends to estimate the monthly search volume for a keyword. Some other features of this amazing chrome extension are listed below:

  • You are allowed to copy and download the CSV file of related and long tail keywords.
  • View and download the data volume at hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly level.
  • View the top ranking keywords of any webpage or website appears in top 20 of Google search result, along with the estimated monthly traffic.


LastPass chrome extension is a freemium (Free + Premium) password manager that stored the encrypted passwords. In LastPass, the user’s content (passwords and secure notes) remain safe with one master password. The content is synchronized to any device of the user in which he/she uses the LastPass extension. LastPass uses AES-256 encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256, salted hashes, that has ability to increase the password iterations value. It also supports some other amazing features, those are listed below:

  • Generate strong password: The built-in feature generates a random long password that protect you from hacking.
  • Dark web monitoring: Stop worrying about your data and security, you will get regular security alerts.
  • Simplify online shopping: Whenever you are ready to purchase any goods online LastPass fills all your payment and shipping information securely.
  • Store records digitally: You can keep all your content (Insurance cards, membership, Wi-Fi password, etc.) safe digitally and easy to find whenever required.

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