AWS Free Hosting

Hello dear learner this tutorial is design to provide some basic information about AWS Free Hosting which gives you the free hosting option to host websites and web applications. The Emphasis of this tutorial is to provide the complete guide and services provided in this free hosting service with simple explanation.

Amazon Web Services AWS

AWS offers services by which you can create, deploy, and manage the websites and web applications at no cost in the cloud. AWS gives you the free website and free web application hosting options for at most one year. Using AWS’s free products and offers you have privilege to create, reliable and scalable websites and web applications.

AWS Free Products and Services

Amazon EC2

Linux, RHEL, or SLES t2.micro, or SLES t3.micro, or Windows t2.micro, or Windows t3.micro instance based on the region for 750 hours per month. Auto scaling, load balancing, or external databases.

Amazon LightSail

Virtual Private Servers (VPS), simple website hosting based on platform like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magneto. 30 days free trial (750 hours per month).

AWS Lambda

It offers compute service, which runs your code when any event is made and it automatically manages the compute resources. 1 million free requests and up to the 3.2 millions seconds of compute time per month.

Elastic Load Balancing

It automatically shares the traffic across several targets like Amazon EC2, Lambda, containers, IP addresses, and virtual appliances. Classic and Application load balancers shares 750 Hours per month. Application load balancers allows to use 15 LCUs while 15 GB data is reserved for the classic load balancers.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 offers a scalable, durable, secure infrastructure, and used to host a static website that do not contain any server side scripting. Amazon S3 also provides 5GB of standard storage with 20,000 get requests and 2,000 out requests.

AWS Amplify Console

AWS Amplify Console offers to create, deploy and host the we applications those serve the modern need. Amplify is best known to create static website or one page app framework. 5 GB stored and 15 GB served per month.


This AWS Free Hosting tutorial is designed to helps the users who are looking for a good Free Cloud Web Hosting service. Hope, this information will be extremely useful to you. The language of the tutorial is kept simple and easy to understand.


This tutorial demands to have the basic knowledge of the internet, domain names, IP Address, servers, wordpress, AWS, Cloud Hosting and other hosting services. So you can easily acquire a better understanding of the topic.

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