Area Under Curve

Area Under Curve Introduction

This is an introduction tutorial. in this tutorial, the basic aspects like Weightage of the area under the curves in JEE main and Jee Advanced will be discussed. Some topics suggestions will also be given those you have to revise before start working on the area under the curve.

Weightage of Area Under Curve in Jee Main

Every year one question in JEE Main is asked from this topic, so if we talk about weightage, then it means that the weightage of this topic in JEE Main is of one question. If it is to be defined in percentage, about 3 percent of weightage hold by this topic in Jee Main.

Weightage of Area Under Curve in Jee Advanced

If we look at previous trends, it can be said with surety that exactly one question is definitely asked from this topic. The question can be of single correct, multi correct, or integer type. If a question is asked in a matrix match, then only one question out of a matrix match can be from this topic. so if we talk about its weightage in jee advanced, then we are sure that exactly one question will be asked from this topic.

Now if you talk about any other All India Entrance Exam other than IIT, then the question can be asked from this topic in those exams too. Since this topic is small as well as this topic relates to the Definite Integral. Nevertheless, we should study this topic very carefully like any normal topic. We should give full dedication to it because every mark is important in any competitive examinations. So we should not take any kind of chance.

Before start working on Area Under The Curves topic, we must revise some of the previous topics. Because in Area Under The Curves the previous topics are used as applications. Below is a list of topics that we must revise before start studying the Area under the curves.

  • Intercepts cut off by a function.
  • Sign scheme of the function.
  • Symmetry and periodicity of a function.
  • Monotonicity and Boundedness.
  • Point of inflection and Concavity.
  • Extremum values of a function.
  • Asymptotes of a function.

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