Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book

This book (Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book) is considered to be the best book for the preparation of IIT JEE Advanced. Whatever questions are in the book their difficulty level is good. At the same time, this book is presented by arranging the difficulty level of questions very well. The most beautiful aspect of this book is that there are a good number of challenging questions, which are also very beneficial for your concept building.

Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book Detail

Author: Vikas Gupta and Pankaj Joshi.
Publisher: Shri Balaji Publications.
Language: English.

Content Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book:

Functions, Limits Continuity and Differentiability, Methods of Differentiation, Application of Derivatives, Definite and Indefinite Integration, Area Bounded by Curves, Differential Equations, Quadratic Equations, Sequences, and Series, Determinants, and Matrices, Complex Numbers, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial theorem, Probability, logarithms, straight lines, circles, and conic sections, compound angles, trigonometric equations, solution of triangles, inverse trigonometric functions, vectors, and 3D geometry.

FAQ (Advanced Problem in Mathematics)

Q. In this book (Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book), what type of questions are in there in the book, is it an objective type or a subjective type?
A. This book is mainly designed for IIT JEE advanced examination so you will find the type of questions that are usually asked in the JEE advanced examination. Like single choice correct, multiple-choice multi correct, paragraph type, Matrix match, and an integer type.

Q. Does this book contain solutions to all questions in the book?
A. Solutions of any questions are not be given in this book, while a separate solution book is definitely available in the market. You can easily find this solution book with this tag “Solution of Vikas Gupta Book” on any search engine.

Q. Are all questions of the book (Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book) original?
A. No all the questions of the book are not original. In fact, they are from different all India entrance examinations especially the ISI examinations.

Q. Does this book (Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book) contain all questions in a chapter-wise manner?
A. Yea, all the questions are well organized in a chapter-wise manner.

Q. Is this book (Advanced Problems in Mathematics Vikas Gupta Maths Book) really helpful in IIT JEE Advanced Examination Preparation?
A. Yes, this book is perfectly suitable for IIT JEE Advanced Exam Preparation, because new questions are always asked in this exam and their difficulty level is very good. All the questions given in this book are very special. The difficulty level of these questions remains the same as the IIT JEE advanced exam whose benefits can be met at the maximum level for candidates.

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Vikas Gupta Maths Book Pdf

Advanced problems in mathematics are one of the best books for IIT Jee Preparation. Since Vikas Gupta maths book (Advanced problems in mathematics for jee main & Advanced) is available in the market. You can easily buy this from any book store or you can order it online. In case you are not able to purchase it because of financial reasons, then you can get the Vikas Gupta Maths Book Pdf file from the internet too. Below is the download link for a pdf file with a disclaimer. Writing a disclaimer is always painful for a writer who is doing nonprofit work, but this is how the world is working now.


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