Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain

Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain is not a subject book, but just guidance to plan for studying, and thus a book on managing time and resources; not specific to any IIT JEE exams, but useful for aspirants aspiring for any competitive examination of any stream or any discipline.

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The charm of the Cracking  IIT JEE Subhash Jain Book

Cracking IIT-JEE is a comprehensive book written for serious students aspiring to study in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The book comprises chapters like Brain Game, design career, time management, right time, and master move. In addition, this book also comprises several suggestions and tips by which students can excel. This book is essential for students appearing for not only IIT, AIEEE but it also helps students preparing for other competitive examinations.

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About Subhash Jain

Subhash Jain is a successful Indian academic author and educationist. He has also written a few books to Improve your Memory and How you can Excel in Examination.

About The Book (Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain)

Author: Subhash Jain.
Publisher: Prabhat publications.
Edition: 1st-2009.
Language: English.
Review: 3.9/5.

Every year, millions of Indian students toil hard to crack IIT JEE Exam. With this dream/aim in mind, they appear in the IIT JEE entrance examination. They fought mentally to qualify for admission to one of the IITs. In India for any student who wants to be an engineer, IIT is a place to have. Years of meticulous training along with mental preparation are the essential part to crack one of the toughest exams on earth.

Not only the correct preparation but also the timely delivery of the skill also plays a crucial part to be succeded in the exam. All these things must also be coupled with the right moment to click. Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain Book explains some important aspects that a competitive exam aspirant must follow to have the desired result.

7 Advantages Of Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain Book

  • Brain Game: This book contains chapters like brain games to exercise the analytical skills of a student to an extent. With which he/she can automatically boost up the working of own mind.
  • Design career: This topic helps to understand the necessity of choosing the right career of your own interest. One very important saying also exists in this regard here I want to mention for my readers.
    Agar Aap ye jan gaye ki aapko kya kam karna hai, to apko apni life me kabhi koi kam nahi karna padega.
    This means if you identify what is your interest, what you actually love to do, then pursue that thing as a career. In this manner, you will carry your interest for the rest of your life, and your work will not be a burden for you, as in most cases it is.
  • Time management: It is one of the most important aspects which is explained in this book to improve the skill. So you can manage it with the right frame of requirement.
  • Right time: You must also know that this is your moment to hit the right spot to get the result that you want to have. This book helps you to give some input on it too.
  • Master move: It is explained in the book with examples with ease to understand properly.
  • Important Suggestions: In this section, the author gives you some insight into what to do or what not to do to have your target on your radar.
  • Important Tips: Further the reader will also get some important tips too, in order to excel his/her ability.

FAQ About Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain Book

Q. Is this book “Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain” Worth reading if I am not feeling enthusiastic to crack JEE?
A. Reply from a reader of the book “I was losing motivation after realizing the tough competition for the JEE Entrance examination. Once one of my friends suggested me this book to read. I read this and within a few days, I started enthusiastically to take any challenge for the exam”.

Q. Does this book really lift the morale to take challenges?
A. This book can help to lift your morale. It also contains some specific techniques and tips which must be applied while studying for any All India competitive examination.

Q. What kind of questions are contained in the book?
A. Cracking IIT JEE Subhash Jain Book is not a subject-oriented book. This book provides some tips and tricks by which you can be very good to excel in the exams.

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